A Concise Textbook Of Surgery

Author: S. Das

Edition: 6th Edition

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It is a pleasure to acknowledge my sense of feeling to the teaching college and also the students of the Indian landmass, World Health Organization have wide accepted, appreciated and suggested this book. This book is currently Associate in Nursing accepted Textbook in major teaching establishments of this country. it’s transcended alternative Foreign Textbooks in terms of sales and recognition. This has undoubtedly inspired ME to bring out this edition. Surgery is advancing in no time. 

This edition mirrors the necessary changes that have taken place recently. This book provides Associate in Nursing update for the scholars each the collegian and also the postgraduate. The trend is currently towards lowest access surgery, it’s gone upto needlescopic laparotomy and also the scope and application of those ar mentioned in the majority the chapters. I actually have invariably averted altercations and solely accepted facts are enumerated. 

I actually have not shown any interest to brighten this edition with colored images as these ar a lot of decorative and don’t invariably facilitate the scholars to grasp their implications. The success of this book reflects the wide charm of its presentation of the basics of surgical follow in a very direct and succinct means. piece of writing a warmly accepted book is a lot of of a challenge that i’m cognizant of Associate in Nursingd it’s going to be assured that an honest try has been created.

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