A Clinical Guide to Crown and Other Extra-Coronal Restorations

Author : R W Wassell

Edition : 1st Edition

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This series of articles is geared toward all people who places crowns and other more-coronal restorations (ie veneers and adhesive onlays or ‘shims’) on individual tooth. we are hoping that everybody from skilled practitioners to undergraduate students may find something of value. The aim of this series is to offer steerage, based on available clinical proof where possible, in the direction of the supply of excessive high-quality restorations.

treatment making plans troubles and materials picks feature at least as strongly as technique description.

we’ve targeting single teeth restorations, however all the ideas described additionally follow to greater complex a couple of restorations, which includes constant bridges. but, we’ve got not specially covered alternative of missing teeth with bridges or implants. alternative of tooth entails attention of more than a few extra problems and treatment making plans decisions, even as an entirely specific set of technical regulations are required for the attention of implants. these may be left for different authors to deal with.


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