Zero Bone Loss Concepts

Zero Bone Loss Concepts
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Author : Tomas Linkevicius

Edition : 1st Edition

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Bone loss remains a serious issue that dentists encounter, but it’s a complication which will be prevented. By combining clinical experience with peer-reviewed scientific evidence, the author of this book has put together a guide that any implant specialist will find invaluable to stop bone loss in their patients. Different strategies are presented which will be wont to achieve zero bone loss years after treatment. 

Because successful treatment depends on both the surgical and prosthetic components, the book is split into two parts, each focusing thorough on what must be wiped out each phase to market bone stability. Case presentations detail many sorts of clinical situations, implant choices, and prosthetic solutions, all backed by evidence-based clinical studies that have proven success. 

illustrations Contents: Section I: Surgical Concepts 1. Surgical Factors for Establishing Crestal Bone Stability 2. Implant Design Factors 3. Implant Placement Depth 4. Vertical Soft Tissue Thickness 5. Subcrestal Implant Placement 6. Flattening of the gum ridge 7. The Tent-Pole Technique 8. Vertical Soft Tissue Augmentation 9. Attached Tissues Around Dental Implants 10. Practical Recommendations for Implant Placement Section II: Prosthetic Concepts 11. Prosthetic Factors for Maintaining Crestal Bone Stability 12. Considerations for Cement-Retained Restorations 13. Cement/Screw-Retained Restorations 14. Titanium Base Solutions for Fixed Partial Dentures 15. Abutment Alternatives 16. Influence of the Emergence Profile 17. Prosthetic Materials 18. Subgingival Materials 19. Avoiding Zirconia Without Zirconia Restorations 20. Supragingival Materials for Implant Reconstructions

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  1. I’m waiting for this book for a long time, but the file only have 15 pages. Can you please upload the complete version?

          1. Oh ok it was my mistake, unzipped now.
            Looking forward for digital version too. Thank you for your efforts.

          2. Iā€™m having the same issue. Keep being prompted to enter the password. Even copied and pasted it . Any suggestions?

          3. As many of users are facing issue with this particular book, i have updated download link with direct PDF download without password…
            Happy Reading…

  2. ZERO BONE CONCEPTS the quality of the PDF is not great, before when there was only 1 chapter. that quality was absolutely perfect! could we have access to that paper

    1. Thanks a lot for your suggestion…

      But there are some books which are available as scanned copy only at this moment….

      if in future i get a better copy than surely will upload better version….

      Something is better than nothing… šŸ™‚
      Happy Reading…

    1. Hello…
      You have 2 options…
      Either you can download 1 book for 1$…
      Or there is one more option of 4.99$ for all books….
      You can select any option which is convenient to you….
      And don’t forget that it’s compulsory to pay….
      Free download option is available for every book….

      Happy reading…

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