The Sinus Bone Graft, Third Edition

Author : Ole T. Jensen

Edition : 3rd Edition

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With each passing yr, I stay amazed at how some distance we’ve got come and how we preserve to boost in the exceedingly specialised process of sinus elevation and grafting. just a few decades in the past, the sinus elevation changed into done in only one widespread dental workplace in Opelika, Alabama; it’s miles now an international cross-specialty collaboration. as the strategies have advanced, so has this ebook. The 1/3 edition of The Sinus Bone Graft updates contemporary medical rationale and clinical exercise for what remains a vital procedure for posterior maxillary dental implant reconstruction. On this extent, interest is given to historic reputation of pioneers in this subject. But there are infinite participants to sinus elevation, from the contributors of the 1996 Sinus Consensus convention subsidized via the Academy of Osseointegration to the authors of the now over 2,000 publications concerning modifications associated with sinus floor treatment. 

A few years later, after having collaborated in Sweden, I had a dialogue with P-I Brånemark and Ulf Lekholm, who nonetheless regarded the sinus process with skepticism. at the time, Dr Brånemark turned into hatching the concept of the zygomatic implant and instructed me that the sinus graft won’t be necessary in any case. 

I did now not recognize his that means then, however I do now. in addition to an outline of the varieties of graft fabric and strategies, this e book is full of alternatives to the sinus graft. amongst them are the use of the zygomatic implant and the idea that the sinus membrane ought to be contemplated however now not necessarily grafted, as Stefan Lundgren has proven.


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