Textbook of Prosthodontics

Author : Deepak Nallaswamy

Edition : 1st Edition

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Textbook of Prosthodontics presents a complete idea about the standards and methods involved in the production of complete dentures, removable partial dentures, constant partial dentures, maxillofacial prostheses/appliances and implants. I wrote this e-book a good way to make gaining knowledge of Prosthodontics, a extra clean, easy and fulfilling experience. I continually intended to write down a e book from my school days. 

Prosthodontics become conducive in that, both the challenge and the time became appropriate to begin writing a ebook. when I commenced penning this e book, I had  dreams to satisfy particularly, the e-book need to be simple sufficient for everyone to study and understand at the first glance. Secondly, I did not need any gross omissions. for this reason, I took amazing warning to refer maximum literature before writing any phase. 

The ebook follows the sequence of the processes achieved in practice which will make getting to know smooth and to enhance the applicability of the subject in preferred exercise. although this e-book is tailor-made for an undergraduate scholar, positive topics have been included in-depth, which can be of use for postgraduate reference. 

The book consists of more than 3000 illustrations that improve the visualization of the reader. What makes this book unique is that every one the 5 branches of prosthodontics are discussed beneath one roof making it easy for immediate pass reference and helps to keep away from repetition of similar tactics.


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