Textbook Of Physiology For Dental Students

Author : HC Tandan
R. Chandramouli

Edition : 5th Edition

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The past decade has witnessed a awfully vital growth of dental education in our country and there has been a rise within the variety of dental schools. The Dental Council of Asian nation has prescribed a particular curriculum of physiology, that permits the scholars to own a elementary conception of the shape. it’s rather unfortunate that the dental students don’t have any specific textbook, that restricts itself to their necessities. 

Consequently, they need to refer back to the elaborated textbooks of Medical Physiology and very often realize it troublesome and confusing to assemble the essential data expected of them. This Textbook of Physiology for Dental Students could be a sincere conceive to cater to their exclusive desires to keep with the necessities of the Dental Council of Asian nation. 

An endeavor has been created to hide the desired curriculum, the language is easy and inessential details are avoided. a number of our seasoned colleagues have steered the incorporation of further data within the book and due respect has been given to their suggestions by increasing the spectrum of data.


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