Pickard’s Manual of Operative Dentistry 9th ed

Author : Avijit Banerjee
Timothy F Watson

Edition : 9th Edition

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It’s miles nearly 50 years for the reason that first edition of this book turned into published. The persevering with philosophy underpinning operative dentistry as to begin with proposed through Professor Pickard and persisted beneath the authorship of Professors Kidd and Smith is as valid now as it changed into in 1962. This philosophy has numerous strands, which can be all inter-associated.

  • Dentists and dental care professionals broadly speaking look after human beings with dental problems – no longer simply mouths or tooth. 
  • An know-how of the ailment procedures is essential to their management.
  • The illnesses have to be managed – not just dealt with. 
  • Prevention, patient motivation, and tailoring of dental care to their cautiously assessed necessities is the keystone of control. 
  • when lively remedy is wanted, the choice of materials and techniques must be primarily based on a radical know-how of them and the benefits and downsides of the alternatives.


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