Periodontal Restorative Interrelationships

Author : Paul A. Fugazzotto

Edition : 1st Edition

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The periodontal prerequisites for maximization of long-  term oral health are well established. Effective home-  care efforts, maintainable probing depths (defi ned as 3   mm or less), no evidence of furcation involvements, and adequate bands of attached keratinized tissue to supply a stable fi ber barrier in various clinical scenaria are well – accepted periodontal endpoints of therapy. 

Combined with appropriate management of carious and endodontic lesions, replacement of missing teeth, control of parafunctional habits, and establishment of a healthy, stable occlusion, such a periodontal milieu will help ensure maximization of patient comfort, function, and aesthetics in both the short and long terms. 

it’s become popular to talk of paradigm shifts in clinical dentistry. However, these shifts represent nothing quite alterations within the treatment approaches utilized to achieve the aforementioned therapeutic goals. additionally, efforts must be made to utilize the smallest amount – involved and least-  expensive therapies possible for ensuring these treatment outcomes. 


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