Laser Dentistry Current Clinical Applications

Author : Prof. Aldo Brugnera Junior
Prof. Samir Namour

Edition : 1st Edition

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Laser Dentistry: modern-day scientific programs via the arena Federation for Laser Dentistry (WFLD) is a complete manual the state of the art, ideas and practices of laser dentistry. This collection of articles were compiled with the aid of Professor Aldo Brugnera Junior DDS, MS, PhD and Professor Samir Namour, DDS, MS, PhD, is written for all the ones interested in the clinical use of laser technology related to dentistry, research, improvement and biology, and medication and surgical treatment. 

Topics encompass: Laser, history and physics; Laser periodontics; Laser packages in implantology; Laser in oral smooth tissue surgical procedure; The laser management of oral leukoplakias; treatment of bone necrosis as a result of biphosphonates, remedy of vascular malformations; 

The position of lasers in caries prevention; Dentinal adhesion and cavity instruction; The strength of the bubble Erbium laser generated cavitation; Pre-emptive dental anaesthesia by Nd:YAG photobiomodulation; Non-invasive diagnostic strategies the use of lasers; scientific use of laser/LED phototherapies.


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