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5.0 rating
19th May 2020

Your site has been a blessing.. I’ve downloaded many books and intended to learn more through this platform.. thank you.. I had requested a book a few months back and have requested the same again today.. Please help me find the book.. It’s name is LIT The Simple Protocol for Dental Photography in the Age of Social Media by Dr Miguel Ortiz… Really looking forward to this read



Thanks for kind words….
Sorry we don’t have your requested book right now….
Stay tuned, we will try to get that book as early as possible…

5.0 rating
15th May 2020

A good site for dental students & doctor’s..all books can be downloaded without any problem…..



Thanks a lot for appreciation….
Happy Reading….

5.0 rating
4th May 2020

amazing website, great collection of books.
concerning the 4.99 all books download in a single click.. can you please illustrate? how many books are there? are they categorized? and would we miss on the new coming books after downloading?
thanks in advance and I would only give you 5 stars for the hard work…
and recommend to all drs. and students.

Dr. Mahmoud Mazloum


Thanks a lot for great words…
Regarding your query of 4.99… There are around 870 books in our collection…. You will get direct access for 7 days in 4.99$… If you want longer access than there are other plans also… You can choose according to your needs…
All books are categorized according to subjects…
Regarding new update you can subscribe to our push notifications so that whenever we publish new books you will get notification…
Or else you can checkout this space for recent book release… (
Let me know if you have any other query…
Happy reading….

5.0 rating
3rd May 2020

If you start your in telegram it will be very usefull for us.. because many of the dental blog have started in it is more convenient for ur to download this site lots popup ads are coming so we feel very difficult to download book .

Dr Venkatesh Praveen


I don’t think there is single popup used in this entire website….
We have tried to make the process as simple as possible….
Telegram is good option…. but it has not that wide reach…
Everyone is not using telegram but everyone is using google…
Our main aim is reach maximum audience and give them free resources and website do it more effectively than telegram….
I agree that download process is much easier in telegram, but our aim is to reach wider audience….
Hope i am clear… 🙂

5.0 rating
2nd May 2020

this is an excellent website for students pursuing in dentistry….i emailed dencyclopedia for a basic science book i.e general medicine for dental students 5th edition by s,n chugh & anshul chugh…about a month back still didnt recieve that book i hope dencyclopedia to respond and provide me that e-book as soon as possible.thsnk you!



Thanks a lot for your feedback….
We receive daily 300+ book requests….
We try to complete as many requests as possible…
Your requested book is not available right now…. Sorry for that….
Stay connected with us… We will upload that book as early as possible once we got it….
Happy Reading….

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