Forensic Odontology Principles and Practice

Author : Jane Taylor
Jules Kieser

Edition : 1st Edition

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The genesis for this e book turned into the inclusion of forensic odontology as an impartial circulate in the school of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology within the Royal college of Pathologists of Australasia. Jules and that i notion it might be terrific to have a dedicated textbook to help the curriculum that were evolved. Our vision turned into an focus textual content instead of a didactic discourse. After John Wiley & Sons kindly supported the initiative, we then set approximately asking fellows to contribute, and that i would really like to thank each and each one among them for his or her efforts and the timeliness of their contributions. i might specifically want to thank David Kieser, Erin Hutchinson, Terry Eberhardt and Gemma Dickson who stepped in for Jules after his passing. 

A text consisting of this can handiest ever be visible as a set venture and all authors have willingly given their time and knowledge to take part. Our first unhappiness got here with the passing of our esteemed colleague Tony Hill in December 2013. It was no longer a difficult choice to decide to dedicate this newsletter to Tony as he epitomised the whole lot we love about our profession. Our subsequent disappointment became the passing of Jules Kieser in June 2014.

whilst probably catastrophic for the text, all over again the decision changed into now not tough; that Jules would continue to be as an editor of the ebook. For me personally Jules changed into a person I appeared as much as as a position version and mentor as well as a very good buddy. His enthusiasm for forensic work, generosity of spirit in sharing information and dedication to teaching the following technology is something i will only dream of emulating.


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