Fluoride and the Oral Environment

Author : M.A.R. Buzalaf

Edition : 1st Edition

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Working and publishing within the area of skeletal and dental tissues for the past 40 years, mainly at the biology of dental teeth, it became obvious to me at a very early degree that fluoride, a minor tissue constituent, was an inextricably vital factor of this location of have a look at. indeed the results of fluoride appeared at odds with the extremely small amounts present. also, unlike other essential minor additives of the skeletal and dental tissue mineral, which include carbonate and magnesium, fluoride concentrations range widely and depend to a extremely good volume on exposure to external resources. 

Fluoride got here to prominence by using virtue of its effect on skeletal tissue improvement, specially in relation to environmental publicity. In instances of exposure to quite excessive concentrations, its presence throughout formation –  as well as its direct incorporation into the skeletal mineral segment –  led to pathological modifications in each skeletal and dental tissues. teeth enamel became discovered to be specifically touchy in this recognize. The consequences can be profound given that pathology related to excessive tiers of fluoride publicity entails changes in both tissue structure as well as chemistry.


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