Essentials of Dental Caries

Author : Edwina Kidd
Ole Fejerskov

Edition : 4th Edition

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Welcome to the 4th edition of necessities of Dental Caries. Sally Joyston-Bechal, one of the original authors, retired a few years ago and Edwina Kidd has enlisted the help of an old buddy and colleague, Ole Fejerskov, to put fingers to keys to write down this closing effort with her. The collaboration is appropriate as we are editors of a as an alternative large and heavy, multi-authored textual content on Cariology, now in its 0.33 edition and promoting worldwide. 

The authentic goal of essentials changed into to write a small, sincere book appropriate for junior students, dental nurses, oral health educators, hygienists and therapists, and different oral fitness care people. we are pleased with our massive textbook, however sense it can be a frightening region to begin the observe of this very important challenge. 

consequently, an try and write a much shorter textual content, with the wish that the dental scholar, similarly to the other oral health personnel, might also read this even as at the start in their studies, however development to the multi-authored, greater complete ebook earlier than qualification and at postgraduate stage. we’ve got given only a few references as our goal is to provide the reader with a coherent textual content that specialize in what we assume is essential.


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