Clinical Application of Orthodontic Mini-implant

Author : Tae-Woo Kim
Hyewon Kim

Edition : 1st Edition

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In 2002. I had the respect of being invited as a keynote speaker at the 37th Indian Orthodontic conference (Lucknow. India). on the grounds that beginning my lectures on mini-implants at this meeting. many orthodontists ha,·e been eager to analyze mini-implant strategies. those that attended these lecture additionally asked relevant literature on the topic. the many groups that ha,·e gone through quick time period training at our department have additionally asked for references which might be almost beneficial. 

After giving a special lecture at the 2007 American affiliation of Orhodontists Annual Jleeting (photograph 1). I ‘as invited to talk at 7 Orthodontic Departments of dental faculties in the United ‘tares. lt became right here also that I ·as asked for material that contained actual scientific guidelines on mini-implant use. 

This textbook contains cloth from the ones lectures. with the theoretical pan stored to a minimal and concentrated greater on step-by using-step strategies of scientific mini-implant u e. I ha,·e handled all the instances contained in this ebook. and the maximum representative instances from the lecture series have been selected. those instances are all inclusive. starting from analysis and treatment methods. to the actual strategies needed for mini-implants.


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