Author: Jose Bernardes das Neves

Edition: 1st Edition


This superbly illustrated e-book, prepared in 10 chapters, addresses the anatomic, functional, and scientific additives of osseointegration in conjunction with difficult and gentle tissue remedies.


Demonstrating the importance of multidisciplinary in addition to interdisciplinary treatment, the authors gift instances that record medical success for osseointegration procedures in phrases of optimization of biologic, useful, and esthetic parameters. Prof P-I Br nemark states within the foreword that “the decisive data in success or failure inside the very last efforts require attention to details in selection of fabric and procedure, but similarly essential is a sensitive interplay among health practitioner and affected person. the writer of this ebook has documented a top notch capability to go back the oral and maxillofacial structures and functions as near regular as viable. 1,500 illustrations (mainly color)

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